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Working on location and need a suitable overnight stay?

Are you looking for a comfortable and quiet place to sleep/work? You've come to the right place at B&B the old milk factory.

We are flexible and geared towards business visitors, such as:

  • You can always check in/or out with our door codes, even outside normal times.

  • We also have rooms with separate beds suitable for 2 colleagues.

  • You can always have breakfast in the morning. (If you really have to leave early, we will prepare it for you)

  • You can sit and work from the communal kitchen and/or on the terrace,

  • You can also rent studios with your own kitchen and workplace.

  • There is an excellent WiFi connection available.

  • And after your visit you will receive your invoice by company name by email.

Away and still a little bit at home!!

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